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Promotional Video
Available on YouTube at https://youtu.be/Nio2KLPykys

Keynote Sampling
Available on YouTube at https://youtu.be/Li8yIXL4lX0

Keynote Sampling
Available on YouTube at https://youtu.be/t-RbBCk8K8I

"Words barely seem sufficient to express my thanks for the outstanding comedy/ motivational presentation you delivered at our sales rally. This was a group in need of some good laughs and some wise counsel on how to balance the pressures of the office with the responsibilities and joys of life. Your performance helped us take a giant step forward in putting this company on the road to peak performance. For that we are eternally grateful!"

- Tom Osha, Cincinnati Bell Telephone

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2015 International Best Seller!

Refrigerator Rights:
Creating Connection and Restoring Relationships

How many people in your life have "refrigerator rights?" You know who they are for you. They can open your fridge and make themselves a sandwich. How many people who are close by you are actually close to you? This paradigm-shifting book, full of leading-edge research, reveals an enormous, yet unrecognized crisis. Our constantly plugged in, increasingly isolated, regularly relocating lifestyles leave us with little opportunity to maintain the community that we need-leading research shows that the lack of close relationships to family and friends is ruining our emotional and physical health.

"A must read for every person seeking to build true community."
- Dr. Henry Cloud, author of Boundaries and Safe People

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"To say that our expectations were exceeded is an understatement - Dr. Will Miller's performance was the highlight of our conference! Our guests remarked about the skillful way Will could weave important messages about self, family, and community into his act. Professionals like Will are rare find."

- Raymond Martin, The AYCO Company

Suggested Introduction for Dr. Will

Blitz Reel Introduction: https://youtu.be/ZnFERp90nxs

Dr. Will Miller is originally from New York City and is a health psychologist as well as hospital and police chaplain. He has worked in Community Mental Health Centers as well as in drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Simultaneously, for 17 years Will had an active career as a professional stand up comedian, headlining clubs and theaters across the country. He has made numerous television appearances and hosted the NBC Daytime program The Other Side. For many years Dr. Will appeared on the Nick-At-Nite network as well as the Bob & Tom Show.  Currently Dr. Miller lectures and conducts research at Purdue University and is a nationally recognized authority on stress, coping with change. The author of several books Will hosts a free  weekly podcast on health and wellness.

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